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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The year was 1979.  Dr. Hook and Little River band, each had two of the top 100 songs and Nicole Richie’s dad was still a Commodore. Nothing was coming between Brooke Shields and her Calvins, and Americans were worried about exploding Pintos, Three Mile Island, and Iranian radicals (glad that’s worked itself out). For Redskins fans it also marks the last time the Redskins faced the Cowboys on the final week of the season, to decide the NFC East.

How great it is for anyone to actually give a damn about what the Redskins do, less than a week from the new year. Add to that they’ll face mortal enemies, the Dalls Cowboys. I am terrified and excited at the same time. The ending of this game will offer fans the highest of highs or the lowest of lows. But that’s what it’s all about. That’s why we are fans. It allows us the emotional release, that if we were fully human, we would get with our spouses and children. But a playoff run, and plenty of brown liquor, provide a close facsimile to the feelings of real relationships. Perhaps I’ve said too much.

The names a different now. Instead of Theisman and Riggins v Staubach and Drew Pearson, it’s RGIII and Alfred Morris v Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. Who by the way is in full beast mode right now.  But it’s what we’ve wanted for 20 years. To root for a relevant team again. With a loss, from a big picture standpoint I think many fans will be happy as we look to the future, but will hurt in the short term.  But a win that sends the Cowboys home will be fantastic. Now if John Mara’s Giants stay home too, I may not wear pants for a week. Now pour something tall and strong, and  shine up your K-Car. It’s 1979 all over again. (Yes, I know the ‘Boys won that one in ’79, but allow me some poetic liscence.)


REDSKINS: Week 16 Predictions

Griffin and God     I’ve tried to figure out why my motivation to post on this has been at absolute zero for the last six months, and I have finally come to a conclusion. Robert Griffin and the improvement this season, have wiped away my fan angst, and thus my desire to vent on a weekly basis. However as my childlike optimism approaches Christmas Eve level excitement, I once again feel compelled to write. Please forgive me if I start taking victory laps, and point out that maybe Bruce Allen and the Shanahans may actually know what they are doing.

So let’s begin the Worldwidebleater renaissance with a few predictions for Sunday’s tilt against the Eagles.

1- Robert Griffin will burn down the stadium.  Figuratively of course. He is one of the most competitive guys in the league. And make no mistake, he is not without an ego. While it is not arrogance or boastfulness, he thinks the world of himself and his abilities. He has now spent the last seven days listening to various media outlets speculate about Kirk Cousins’ trade value. As well as the fact that Cousins’ 329 yards last week against the Browns was more than any of Griffin’s totals. He’s also heard what a genius Kyle Shanahan is, and how he can do it with anybody. My guess is that he has spent the last week in a Michael Jordan like fugue state. Imagining slights, disrespect, and enemies that don’t exist. We will see a quarterback prepared like no other. He will put on a clinic this week.

2- At some point Chris Cooley will have a breakout game. Nobody expects him to do anything other than block. He didn’t sudenly forget how to play football. I will concede that he has probably slowed down, but when your are ignored you can be lethal. Much in the way that Darrell Young reels off a 25 yarder form time to time. I predict that the next time he is targeted, he will score a touchdown.

3-This defense will be in the top ten next season. They have improved markedly since the bye week, and this is a very young team. I think Crawford will continue to improve, especially since he’s going to be active every week returning punts.  Jarvis Jenkins in starting to show the promise we were, uh….promised. Add to that, I belive that if Chase Minnifield gets healthy for next season, he’ll be really good. That’s a gut feeling only. Kind of like the winning lottery ticket, on which I I have yet to check the numbers. Carricker will be back, and hopefully Orakpo will be able to fully recover. I underestimated his impact on the pass rush, and considered him to be a tad overrated by the fan base. Redskin fans have had a tendency over the last ten years or so to call guys who don’t suck, great.

Anyway, let’s enjoy the ride. As I emailed one sports radio guy last week: Allow yourself to love again. This is fun. Don’t worry about getting your heart broken. You’ll know when it’s “the one”. Robert Griffin is the one. HTTR!!

Jim Harbaugh, We’ve Found a Donor for Your Spinal Transplant Surgery

     I have this image of the lockers of both Brandon Weeden and Alex Smith, being these high school like shrines from their coaches and management. You know, with little construction paper hearts taped to them, a dyed carnation, and maybe a photo of Jim Harbaugh smiling coyly. In case you haven’t been paying attention, over the last week, both the Browns and the ’49ers have tried to make nice with their projected starting quarterbacks.

First Jim Harbaugh went out of his way to tell a reporter that they were never “flirting” with Peyton Manning. Really?! He went on further to say that he played catch with Manning to evaluate him, with the idea of both Manning and Smith being on the team. Again. Really?! Perhaps you were interested in a $20 million dollar per year, 36-year-old backup. I don’t feel it necessary to shoot his assertion full of holes, as I’m convinced that nobody believes this. Including Alex Smith.

The more interesting thing to me about this is it’s just weak. Jim Harbaugh spent all of last season trying to convince everyone how tough he was. I mean he shoved Jim Schwartz. He drove a railroad spike through his penis. He even completely blew off Super Bowl winning coach, Sean Payton, when he wanted to discuss an upcoming pre-season game. Maybe I’m confused on one or two of those charges. I watch a lot of Jackass.

I was annoyed by him, but convinced that he was a badass. Now this. He should have been a man and just told the truth. As in:” Alex Smith is mediocre, but a good guy who played hard for us. We wanted to upgrade”. Stop with the nonsense.

Then Tony Grossi of, reported this week that the Browns were not really interested in Robert Griffin.(I’m boycotting the III. It’s getting annoying). They thought he was too small and too eager to run. Really?! After GM Mike Holmgren’s public whining about how they had submitted an offer comparable to that of the Redskins. Weak. Just weak I tell you. That is like the guy who musters his courage to talk to a girl in a club, and after being shot down tells his buddies she was a dyke.

Are the egos so fragile with players today, that they require this insincere codling? Brandon Weeden is a rookie for Christ’s sake. He hasn’t done anything to warrant any codling. Mark Sanchez took the Jets to AFC title games in his first two seasons. He’s not getting coddled. He’s getting Teboned. These are grown ass men. They should all  grow up.


RGIII to the Redskins!!!

Faster Than a Speeding Locomotive...

Damn. Just Damn. More to come.