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Gross, Man!

Pick? What pick?











Would you rather have your genitals eaten by a honey badger, or have black rats gnaw their way out of your colon? Tough question, I grant you. But no tougher than the one Mike Shanahan has to answer regarding what to do at quarterback, if none of the young studs are available in the 2012 NFL Draft. USC’s Matt Barkley has already opted out, and there are rumblings that Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, may chose to do the same.

At that point NFL teams are left with the likes of Ryan Tannehill, Nick Foles, and Kellen Moore. As is generally the case teams will reach at QB, and take guys higher than they should. Witness Blaine Gabbert in 2011. That leaves Shanahan either reaching for a guy in the draft that he’s not in love with, or something else. I don’t believe he’ll reach for a mediocre QB, and so I’ll address that something else scenario.

Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors, as contemplating this has caused my keyboard to short out several times from my tears. Let me start with what is NOT an option. Allowing John Beck anywhere near Redskin Park. After Sunday’s game with the Eagles, Shanahan should go straight to the Ashburn Courthouse and file a restraining order against Beck. Aside from staying at a Holiday Inn Express last night, he has no NFL qualifications whatsoever.

     To Rex or not to Rex. That is the question.

Arguments in Favor of Keeping Rex:

  • He know the Shanahans’ complex, graduate level, mega-mind system.
  • The players will follow him.
  • He is not a serial killer.
  • If he plays next year, we will all understand that he is temporary.
  • A free agent acquisition may muddy the need to draft a franchise QB. This absolutely cannot happen.
  • Rex is basically free. Nobody else wants him. Teams are going to overpay for the F/A QB’s that are available. Matt Flynn is going to steal somebody’s money this year, and Drew Brees ain’t walkin’ throught that door.

Argument Against Keeping Rex

  • Rex sucks.
  • It will make everyone feel good to lop off Rex’s head at the end of the season.

As much as it makes me wretch to say it, we need to keep Rex around in 2012. A free agent will fool us into thinking we have the answer. This team is still not close. The answer folks is playing in college somewhere. The one thing that may cause Shanahan to reach in the draft, is if he knows the leash is gettting short. A rookie QB pretty much assures him of two more years. Either way… WELCOME BACK REX!! I just vomitted on the honey badger in my lap.