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What’s with Jim Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh Don't Care. Jim Harbaugh Don't Give a Shit

Wow! let me be the 5,789,376th person to say what a fantastic job Jim Harbaugh has done in his rookie year in the NFL. And let me be the first (at least as far as I know) to say this guy is a horse’s ass.

Initially liked his old school tough-guy act. When he ran up the score on Pete Carroll, and then verbally smacked him down at mid-field, I thought, “USCs’ been doing this for years. Serves’em right.” When he roughed up Jim Schwartz after beating the Lions this year, I thought “Schwartz is an asshat. Screw him.” I even defended Jimmy HardPaws (Steve Czaban’s name)  in an earlier post on the Lion’s turn toward unlikability

But now it turns out that Sean Payton called him to coordinate how they’d handle a pre-season game in August, and Harbaugh never called him back. Now apparently while against league rules, this is a common practice, so that coaches can work on things that they need to.  When questioned about it, he claimed to be unaware of the practice. He followed with “We ask no quarter, and we give no quarter.”

Slow down Longshanks. This is a freakin’ scrimmage. Designed for coaches to get a look at players, and for owners to sell full price tickets and $9 beers at an organized practice. Really? “We ask no quarter, and we give no quarter.” Pre-season games are a joke.

OK. So he’s such a tough-guy, that he won’t discuss strategy with the opposing coach for what is essentially practice. Practice? We talkin’ bout practice? Does he at least show the common courtesy to a Super Bowl winning coach, to return his phone call? Of course not. He’s kinda badass. He just don’t give a shit. He seems like he was the kind of kid who’d eat a cat turd if you double dog dared him.

His Clint Eastwood with a whistle act is getting tiresome. The 49ers would have been a team I could have easily pulled for through the play-offs, but  now they are in Lions territory for me. I hope every 49er gets explosive diareah next weekend and they have to forfeit. Boo Jim Harbaugh. Boo.