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Redskins Potpourri

RGIII's your Huckleberry.

Wow! What a freakin’ week for Redskins fans. A $36 million kick in the fellas, Pierre Garcon, Atogwe cut, and Josh Morgan. Huh? Oh yeah. We traded up into the second pick in the draft to get some guy named Robert Griffin III. Off-season champs? Business as usual? Will this work? Nobody. I repeat, nobody knows. However, for the most part, I believe the Redskins are making good moves. Some thoughts on the recent news:

  • $36 million cap hit–  The NFL has administered a $36 million purple nurple to the Redskins for violating an unwritten “gentleman’s” agreement to collude and fix salaries during the uncapped year in 2010.  By moving $21 million of Albert Haynesworth’s bonus and $15 million to DeAngelo Hall into the uncapped year, the Redskins upset some of the cheap owners who’d rather polish their pennies than try to build a great team. The NFL took away $36 million of cap space from the Redskins, and $10 million fron the Cowboys.  The League will award approximately $1.6 million of added cap space to 29 other teams to spend as they wish. I wonder of Ralph Wilson and Bud Adams will open up their blue plastic change purses and actually spend that extra money. They probably give their grandchildren $50 U.S. Savings Bonds for Christmas.
  • Albert Haynesworth- He keeps coming up like bad Salmon.
  • Pierre Garcon–  I think he is a good player. Howeva… I always worry about guys with good, not great performance when they play with stars. Number 2 receivers benefit when there is a stud number 1, ie. Reggie Wayne. Receivers also look better when they catch balls from the likes of a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Witness Deion Branch or David Patton Remember his Redskins years? No? Me either. I like him in DC, but I think they overpaid.
  • RGIII- Damn. The only red flags with him are the teams he played against. I see the point, but it is bit unfair. That’s analogous to assuming Cam Newton couldn’t play in anNFL offense because his at Auburn was fairly simple. Either you can throw the ball accurately, or you can’t. Either you can read defenses, or you can’t. Either you can extend plays or you can’t. Everthing leads one to believe that RGIII can do these things.
  • The Cost to Acquire RGIII- I’ve heard some say that he needs to be as productive as Tom Brady in order for the Redskins to get adequate value for what was given up. To them I ask: Who the hell do you think you are? You’re a freakin’ Redskins fan. Deep into the playoff three or for times over the next dozen years wouldn’t be good enough for you? Tom Brady is the standard? What guarantee did you have that the picks given up would bring you Tom Brady results? The Redskins would not have given up 3 first rounders and one second rounder, if they were not absolutely convinced that RGIII will become a top 7 or so NFL quarterback. I could argue that the Skins didn’t overpay with draft picks all day, but I’ll only make one point. IF. IF, that is what they believed, then you spend what you have to to get him. Ask the GM’s of the Packers, Patriots, Giants, Saints, Colts and Steelers how many picks they would take to trade away their franchise guy in his prime. At 27, how many first round picks would it have taken to get Brady away from New England? 5?  6? I don’t know that any amount of picks would have done it. All the Trent Williams’, Brian Orakpo’s and Ryan Kerrigan’s in the world aren’t going to bring you Tom Brady results. Only Tom Brady does that. I’m not guaranteeing that RGIII will do anything, but there were no guarantees with the surrendered picks either. What was the alternative? Streak to 9-7 like a rocket ship with Kyle Orton or Matt Flynn?
  • Mike Shanahan- He crossed the Rubicon on Friday. He will live or die with this move. It will define his career. He just bet the mortgage or the first three cards in Seven Card Stud. If it works, then he can start clearing room for his Hall of Fame jacket. If it fails, he was the guy who rode John Elway to a couple of Super Bowls, and he can pay $21.00 to get into Canton like the rest of us.

RGIII to the Redskins!!!

Faster Than a Speeding Locomotive...

Damn. Just Damn. More to come.

How Much is a Franchise Quarterback Worth to the Redskins?

RGIII! Manning!!

Among the Redskins faithful, there has been much gnashing of teeth since Robert Griffin III, performed at the NFL combine last week. The voices have been loud in the “Should they/ shouldn’t they” argument. The argument against is largley this: He will cost too much in the form of surrendered draft picks, and thus will cripple them going forward. That leaves me with two questions. What is a franchise quarterback worth? And is now the time to go all in on the guy, regardless of who he may be?

In regard to the first question. If there is somebody among the littany of QB choices this year, that the Shanahan/Allen regime believes is absolutely the guy, then they should pay whatever the price may be. It’s become a cliche’, but this is a quarteback league. Teams simply must have a top tier QB to succeed at the highest level. And by that, I mean play in a Super Bowl. The NFL has tweaked and twisted the rules to make quarterbacks ever more important.

People love to immediatley blurt out “TENT DILFER” when it is pointed out that a great QB is essential. But look at the facts. Since Dilfer won 11 years ago in 2001, there have been 22 starting QB slots in Super Bowls. Of those 22 slots only five were not filled by guys who, at some point in their career were in the Hall of Fame conversation. Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, Matt Hasselbeck, Jake Delhome, and wait for it…. Sexy Rexy. The other 17 have been top level guys. Before you scream, “McNabb is not top level!”, back it up Skippy. Yes, the last few years have been tough for McNabb. But prior to his decline, he was NFC Player of the year, NFC offensive player of the year, a 6 time Pro-Bowler, and went to 4 NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl.

More recently, you have to go back to ’07 with Rex to see anyone in the big game, who is not a stone cold asassin at the QB position. Simply put, no team is going to be great without a great quarterback. So keep all the draft picks you want. Without a sniper behind center, it’s all for naught.

Lately I keep hearing “why all the ugency now?”. Two reasons, really. First, they hit rock bottom in 2011 with Rex and Beck. Second, they have not, in the last 15 years, been in a better situation to make the move. They have tons of cap room if a free agent is the answer. But more importantly, draft-wise they are in the best position I can remember.

In order to draft in the top two or three positions, you generally have to have 3 or fewer wins. It is hard to be that bad. But at number six, with 8 picks this year they are as close as they may get for a while. RGII may cost as much three first rounders, but that really means two. They’re going to swap number ones this year and lose two of the next two. The leaders have shown me enough, to have faith that they can find talent in the later rounds. Plus, consider this. The addition of Leonard Hankerson and Jarvis Jenkins next year, is kind of like getting two high picks this year. The concensus in Ashburn is that these two will be good, and gave the team nearly nothing last year.

Mediocrity at QB would be a huge leap forward for the Redskins. But ulitimately that is an anchor on the team. Moving to 8-8 only keep them from getting the stud they really need. I don’t evaluate players for a living, so I’m not sure who that stud is. But there is a legion of people in Ashburn who do. So, at ther end end of the day, if they find the guy, do whatever it takes to make him your guy.