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Coversations with Joe Pa – Part 3

Want some Nittany Lions tickets?

How I imagine the big moment went when Joe Pa finally confronts Sandusky.

Sandusky: You wanted to see me Joe?

Paterno: Sit down and shut up!

Sandusky: Huh?

Paterno: I know you’ve been raping little boys all over campus. I’m calling the police, and I never want to see you around here again you disgusting piece of filth!

Sandusky: But Joe, this will kill Second Mile.

Paterno: I don’t care about your victim recruiting scheme!

Sandusky: But Joe you stand to make half a million off Second Mile investments over the next few years.

Paterno: Well… Goddammit, stop raping them on campus! You got that?

Sandusky: Thanks Joe. Brunch on Sunday?

Paterno: Sure.

Sandusky: Don’t forget the grandkids.


4 responses to “Coversations with Joe Pa – Part 3

  1. Anonymous December 10, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    you’re a BIG A_ _HOLE

    • worldwidebleater December 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

      Well! I never…
      Look. I figure you are angry for one of two reasons:

      1. You think PSU and Joe Pa are being treated unfairly. If that’s the case, you are the big A hole.
      2. You think I take lightly the raping of children. If # 2 is correct, then let me explain. I think it to be one of the most heinous crimes imaginable, and the perpetrators should be hung by their testis. My intent was to mock and ridicule. Standing on a stump and shaking your fist at the evil and powerful, is but one way to be heard. I believe that mockery and ridicule are far more powerful tools, than righteous indignation. Either I failed to make myself clear, or you, again, are the big A hole. I choose to believe the latter. But sincerely, thanks for reading. Please tell a friend

      • Anonymous December 11, 2011 at 11:56 pm

        You come across as a self righteous, condescending jerk. I would never condone what Jerry Sandusky is being accused of and I do believe he is guilty of some, if not all, of these accusations. Your ridicule should be directed towards Jerry Sandusky, not the entire Penn State University, as we all are sadened by these horrible events. I do hope justice is served.

      • worldwidebleater December 12, 2011 at 11:32 am

        Hello Anonymous,
        Welcome back. 1- Self righteous? In this case yes. I generally don’t consider myself on a higher moral ground than anyone else. But with these guys (Sandusky, Paterno, Curley, and Spanier), I most certainly do. 2- Condscending? In this case yes. I feel the need to talk down to my audience, when Paterno has so many defenders. He was the tail that wagged the dog in this thing. The reason the voice of Joe Pa, in my fictional dialogue, shifts from smart and practical to dottering fool, is because his defenders use both to defend him. On one hand he’s brilliant and should never be replaced regardless of age. On the other, he’s too old to understand the sytematic rape of children. 3- Jerk? Guilty as charged.

        And yes, none of this takes place without the actions of Sandusky. I view him as a dog that bites. Its who he is and in his nature. I have a tiny, tiny sliver of sympathy for him, as he was almost certainly molested as a child. But like the dog who bites, he must be removed from society. The other guys involved made choices based on their own self interest. I may write a more serious article on this. Thanks for helping me clarify my own position on this. I enjoy the back and forth. Come back any time.

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