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The BCS Title Game

SEC Debate Bowl finalists prepare to square off.

Let me first begin this post by stating emphatically that LSU and Alabama are the two best teams in the country, and that they will and should play in the BCS Title Game. Do I want to see that again? Hell no.

I was listening yesterday to Steve Czaban (huge fan) on Yahoo Sports Radio, when he began quoting from an article by Cecil Hurt, Editor of      The central theme of the article, and Czaban’s soliloquy , as I heard it, was not that the two teams belong there. It was that they are angry because we don’t want to see it again.

I’m not hearing much from people saying they are not the two best teams. I hear people saying they don’t want to see a rematch., you’ve won! Be happy with that. Don’t demand that the rest of us suck on it and like it. A colonoscopy might be the right prescription by my doctor, but don’t insist that I sing Bobby McFerren songs though the procedure. So there. All the logical right/wrong, black/white sports pundits have won and will get 1 v/s 2.

But indulge me for just a paragraph or two as I present a different perspective. Hurt states that purpose of the BCS is to have #1 play #2. Well, I did some extensive research and found some secret founding charter documents of the BCS. They clearly state in Chapter 14, paragraph 9, sub-paragraph 4 in very small writing that “the expressed purpose of the BCS Title Game is make overflowing buckets of cash.” Seriously, I read that.

College football is a business. A product to be consumed by drunken dudes who wear team jerseys, and buy team flags to fly from their mini-vans on Saturdays. It is a never ending spigot of cash for universities, bowls, and the BCS. This isn’t Yale v/s Harvard in 1906. A game in which fair-haired student athletes match wills on the gridiron to see who is the best. It’s a product. Like a Fleet Enema or an iPad. Sports fans want the iPad, but it seems we will get the enema instead.      Czaban, Hurt et al., you have won. You’ll get the game you want. Just don’t insist that I do the Snoopy Dance over it. I want what I want, and it ain’t Ishtar 2: Electric Boogaloo.


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