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Perverts and Sports

This will only hurt for a minute.

When the accusations of child molestation against Syracuse assistant basketball coach, Bernie Fine came out, I like many other people immediately thought this may likely be a copycat, looking for attention, money, or both. Recently however, the allegations are looking more and more plausible. I began to think about it, and it makes perfect sense.
You heard it here first: This is just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to child molestation and organized sports. I believe that over the next ten years or so, we will be inundated with stories of coaches doing the Rectory Romp with young boys and girls.
Think about it. Kirsti Alley doesn’t shop for Haagen Daz at The Home Depot. She goes where they have lots of Haagen Daz. Likewise child rapists look where the targets are plentiful and the self esteem is low.
Jerry Sandusky drew an inside straight of pervert perfection.

  • Endless supply of young boys
  • Largely unchecked power
  • Sterling reputation
  • A hankerin’ for ten year old cock (allegedly)
  • The cover of a large institution protecting it’s own interests

My theory is simple: Never trust any guy who wants to be around children other than his own. If you’re so damn eager to take the Boy Scout troop up into the mountains for the weekend, (Oh Canteen Boy!)  you need to be watched.
This is going to be a decade long exercise in voyeuristic revulsion. Like watching liposuction on The Learning Channel or a hot girl pick her nose. We don’t want to see it, but we can’t look away. Now that the first string on the sweater of sports and child molestation has been pulled, watch as it unravels as fast the Redskins in November. It’s gonna get ugly.


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